Akeen Langston (FBAB)
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Akeen Boostie Langston











Life, student handbook, gloves from Kyo Kusanagi nothing

Family/Relative Friends

Akemi Langston (Mother), Bāsuto Langston (Father),Davon (Sensei-Best Friend), Donnie(Friend-Student) Louis (Ally), Akeen-1 (Clone), Akeen-2 (Clone), Langston (Shadow-Clone), Evil Akeen(Dark Hadou)


Half Saiyan & Half Human

Personal Treasure

Blue Headband given by Davon

Fighting Style

Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts + personal style of Chinese boxing \(Kenpo)+ Martial Art rooted in assassination arts (暗殺拳をルーツとした格闘術, ansatsuken o rūtsu toshita kakutō jutsu?) + Wushu + Jeet Kune Do and special forces military training +Nameless assassination style powered by the Surge of Murderous Intent + Martial Art rooted in assassination arts (暗殺拳をルーツとした格闘術, ansatsuken o rūtsu toshita kakutō jutsu?) + Saikyō-Ryū + own fighting style + Assassination Techniques, Special Forces Training (Delta Red)

Akeen is the second main character in the Florence Bertell other than Antwan, until he took his place his moves powers are same as Davon even his power level, Akeen began debut in Florence Bertell.

Florence Bertell FightersEdit

Akeen was normal boy with gifted power, Akeen powers was seen by Davon FBAB Akeen accepted Davon training and had a good time, he learn how to fly control some of powers, Akeen has a 10 Tailed Demon Fox in him. Ten Tailed Demon Akeen. After the battle with Magento Akeen continued his training with Davon, Akeen passes his training he return home, about 3 weeks later face enmey like Torze, Torzejr, and Torze(Cyborb), Akeen heard of the Florence Bertell Fighting tournament, he enter but lost to Davon after then Akeen wach the tournament from TV.

Florence Bertell Fighters 2Edit

Akeen enter the 2nd Tournament, Akeen made to finals and won but let Davon move to the final instead gave his Red Headband to stay focus, after then, After then Akeen felt earthquake and help Davon and then, Akeen thought of idea to defeat Evil Davon, By fusing to Dakeen. After then Akeen became close to Nicole FBAB .

Florence Bertelll Fighters 3Edit

After the training Donnie, Akeen heard the conflict and drop out of the tournmanet, Akeen help Ryu, Ken, and Davon defeat Evil Melvin and Bison. Akeen defeated Bison when fusing with Ken and became Kekeen

Part II Florence Bertell 3Edit

After defeating Evil Melvin and Bison, Akeen enter the the 3rd Florence Bertell tournament announced by Ryu and Akeen lost Travis, during the 12th round.

Florence Bertell Fighters: Junior YearEdit

Some year after, the summer and Evil Melvin and Bison, Akeen was in Junior year, before coming to school, Akeen went to the mountains to train along with Donnie, Emily, Nicole, and Davon. Akeen change his fighting style of the Kusanagi & Yagami acient martial arts since he can know wield flames, snce then a Company call TEST, kidnapped Akeen, Donnie, Davon and even Louis and created clones of him. Akeen Langston- 1 & Akeen Langston- 2/Akeen-1 and Akeen-2. After escaping Akeen ran into AL' a boy merge with his DNA, he fled, Akeen return back to base, after this TEST sent out bots and mechanical being to find Akeen, Davon FBAB , and Louis, and Donnie. Someitme before or after the the Tournament Akeen & Davon was in a middle of trianing section, during they encounter Kusanagi Bertell Yagami, in the Akeen help Davon and won, after they went back to trianing again.

Florence Bertell Fighters: Senior YearEdit

Akeen was glad about his final year.

Florence Bertell VS Star Flight Edit

Florence Bertell VS Star Flight 2: Rival come backEdit

Zega Fighters:Evolution Edit

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