Davoeenie is the fusion of Davon, Akeen, Louis, and Donnie, to defeated Destructive Davon, Akeen, Louis, and Donnie.
Ultimate ultra powered gogeta by blazegokussj2-d4empxo


Full name Davoeenie Nathaniel Hackett
Birthdate ?
Birthplace USA- World of the Dark Hadou
Height-Weight ?
Race Human
Blood type All
Family/Relatives Dark Emily (Wife), Chad(Good Side), Kenji(Adopted Son), Raging Kenji (Son)
Job/Occupation Fighting
Likes Fighting-Women
Dislikes Idiots(50%)
Hobbies Fighting-F*****G Women
Favorite food ?
Fighting style

Boxing mix the Miltary Martial Arts of Ansatsuken Murder Intent

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