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This is Davon in Fury Kombat series he uses Soul Reaper Arts of Ansatsuken. He team up with Akeen, Donnie, and Louis.

Full name Davon Phillips
Birthdate-Age 10/7/94 -42(FK)
Birthplace USA- Planert PJ
Height- Weight 180 cm (5'10") 200
Race Saiyan
Blood type All

Fragle (father), Lolita (mother),Damien (cousin), Amy (cousin),Davon-1(clone), Davon-2 (clone), D' (has Davon's DNA), ,Phillips (Shadow),

Likes Fighting Strong Fighters, Spending Time with Akeen ,Jessenya his Mom , and his Red headband
Dislikes Hostipal Needles,Bugs, and Evil
Hobbies Training and Talk to his Sword Dangetzu in Human Form
Favorite food White Rice and Ramen Noodles
Forte in sports Ping Pong and Karate
Fighting style Art of Soul Reaper Swords and Ancient Karate and Martail Arts


Davon is a Saiyan, he is the hero of Star Flight Fighter, Florence Berell Fighters, and High Road Fighters, Davonhad save the many times, Davon left home and live in Foster Home/People he saved, he met new friends and rivals, Davon is a kindhearted person, Davon is gifted with many abilties pass it on to others like L.Van, L,David, Shawn, and Akeen, In Florence Bertell Fighters: Senior Year Davon wasn't strong enough to defeat Florence, so pass it on to Akeen, he knew he had the strength to win that battle, and because he share ther gift as Davon but greater, After Akeen won and Davon and went there seprated ways but they soon see each other again, in Zega Series, Davon was defeated by Akeen in his Orochi Form, years laters after Donnie's Devil Gene Saga, Davon was training with Akeen as a Soul Reaper, Louis and Donnie cameand told them about a new tournament call Fury Kombat but to enter they need a team of two, three, and Four, but decided to form a team of 4 call the Soul Team ,they agree, but little they know this tournament is a life,death soul sititution or worse.

Fury KombatEdit

After Teaming up with Akeen, Louis, and Donnie, Davon thought the was going to fun back he had other plans during the 3 rounds, Davon refuse to Kill his opponent and left battlefield, Davon Hollow Took over and was killing all of his enemy expect of his Teamate, Akeen stopped him before his Hollow beomes to strong. After being injured badly by Kyo-1, Davon set out of the match.

Fury Kombat 2Edit

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