Davon is main of originally Zega Sereies, Davon & Friends, Super Zega Fighters/Davon & Friends EX version of using the Tiger Fang Kung Fu base off Ninjutsu and his new fighting style Geki Jyuken Kenpo, have the Unbreakable of a Blue Wulf  his Counter Part Geki Red Fox Akeen 

Akeen & Davon

Akeen(LEft) & Davon (Right)


Full name Davon Nathaniel Phillips (Jyuken)
Birthdate 10/7/94 Age: 84 years old (doesn't)
Birthplace USA
Height 6.3
Weight 195
Blood type All

Lolita (Mother), Akeen(Jyuken)  (Best Friend/Former Pupil),L.Davon(reincarnation/GrandSon),

Ethel (Aunt),Grandpa Ash (Grandpa), Pearleen(Grandma),Ash(Son),Brock(Son),CloneDavon(His Clone before his death), Jessenya(Childhood Friend), Desean(Childhood Friend), Shawn(Friends/Pupil), Antione(Friend/Pupil)

Likes Red Headband given by Akeen(Zega), Half of the Crest of Bond(Proof of Davon & Akeen Friendship), Waza Changer
Dislikes Bugs & Giving Up, Evil
Hobbies Training All Day, Video Games, Japan,Eating, Traveling
Favorite food Roman Noodles with Shrimp Beef, Lobster Meat + etc, White Rice and Milk Shakes
Forte in sports None(Knows how to play some of them)
Fighting style Geki Jyuken Kenpo,Ancient Martail  Arts, Ninjutsu, roots base of Karate of the Ansatsuken

Davon & Friends EX

It's been 10 years since the battle angaist Shadloo Deadly Alliance War, Davon was badly injured along side Akeen , about 5 years later, Davon and Akeen left on a journey, they retured 5 years later, they learned Jyuken mix with Ninjutsu , Davon & Akeen became very powerful, after then Davon was reunited with his Friends & Family, before leaving 5 years ago, he train his god nephew Zeke & CJ .

Super Zega Fighters

After years the 10 war Davon train in the art of Geki Jyuken, he & Akeen learn from the 7 Warrior of Jyuken, Davon mastered Exjyuken of the Bat, Elephant, Shark, Gazelle, Gorrilla, Pengiun, Pheonix, and Crow, after departing and saying there good buys they left home, afterward they ran into Nicole, Desean, & Jessenya, and warn them the that Darkloo is returning, even through Davon didn't care he can't his back on guard, Davon was gave Jessenya, Desean, Nicole a invitation to the Super Zega Fighting Tournament.





True Ending

Super Zega Fighters: Calamity Trigger/Restriction Trigger

After the tournament Davon decided to train his new student Marcelus, he very cocky but 100 % devoted to his training.

Super Zega Fighters: Continue Shift

Super Zega Fighters: Continue Shift Extended

Super Zega Fighters: Chrono Trigger

Super Zega Fighters: Phantasma Trigger

Super Zega Fighters: ChronoPhantasma

Super Zega Fighters 2

Super ega Fighers 2: Rise of the Pillers

Super Zega Fighter 2: Avenger

Super Zega Fighters: Return Of Mizuchi

Zega Riders

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