This is Davon second cloned, he is one out the million clones to be activated.

Davon-2 2


Full name Davon Nathaniel Phillips-2
Birthdate 10/7/1994
Birthplace USA
Height ?
Weight ?
Blood type All
Family/Relatives Lolita (Mother), John Scott(Step Father),Akeen-2(Best Friend), Davon-1(Counter Part), Phillips(Counter Part/Rival)
Job/Occupation Fighting
Likes Fighting, Trianing and Japan
Dislikes Weaklings
Hobbies Karate
Favorite food White Rice and Roman Noodles
Fighting style

Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts + personal style of Chinese boxing \(Kenpo), Phillips Style Martial Arts

TEST Story

Florence Bertell Fighters: Junior Year

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