Davon with Sword Alternate Ending

This Davon in Florence Bertell Fighters 2 when he uses a Sword as Davon(FK) or Soul Reaper Form.

Full name Davon N. Phillips
Birthdate 10/7/94
Birthplace USA
Height-Weight ?
Race Saiyan
Blood type All
Family/Relatives Akeen/w/Sword(Pupil-Friend)
Job/Occupation Saving the World
Likes Fighting
Dislikes Evil And Bugs
Hobbies Fighting
Favorite food Roman Noodles
Fighting style

Sword Style Karate of Soul Reaper Arts, Turtle + Crane Stylle Katana Arts, Ansatsuken Sword Arts,Kasshin Ittō-ryū (活心一刀流, meaning Caring Heart One-Sword Style),Life-or-Death Stray Sword Style (活殺逸刀流, Kassatsu Ittō-Ryū)Kasshin Chōsō Jutsu (活心長槍術, meaning Caring Heart Naginata Art)

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