PJ saying goodbye

PJ is prince of the Unkonwon saiyan on Planet PJ, He is Davon's rival, Desean's father. His real name is Devon Breaux people call him PJ alot.

Full name Devon PJ Breaux
Birthdate 11/5/94
Birthplace USA- Louisiana
Height-Weight Haven't Been Told
Race Saiyan(Unknown Version)
Blood type B

Jessenya(EX- Girl Friend),Desean(Son/Friend),

Darion(Friend), Ramone(Friendly Rival), Davon(HR) (Rvial-Friend)

Job/Occupation Online Web Show- Saving the World
Likes Dancing, Rapping, and Singing
Hobbies Dancing
Favorite food Fish
Fighting style

Anti Karate of Saiyan Art of Fighting


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