Donnie Florence Bertell Fighters Junior Year

Donnie is a half saiyan and half human and is part of the Wright Clan of reincarnation clan, Donnie is the reincarnation of Dakeen. Donnie is the 3rd main character in the Florence Bertell Fighters series after kicking Keenan and Louis from the rank. Donnie first apperance is Florence Bertell Fighters 2 as a secret character and playable in Florence Bertell Fighters 2: Rebout and Florence Bertell Fighters 3: Street Fighter Alpha Style. Donnie is Rank as the Jin Kazama and Shingo Yabuki of the Florence Bertell to Zega Fighters series.

Full name Donnie D. Wright
Birthdate 3/4/95
Birthplace USA-???
Height-Weight ?
Race Sayain-Human
Blood type -AB

Dakeen(Carnated From), Davon(Sensei), Akeen(Sensei)Mike.J(Rival),Tavion(Friends),


Job/Occupation Protecting the Earth
Likes Rap Music
Dislikes Fake What To Be People
Hobbies Money-Training
Favorite food ?
Fighting style

Ansatsuken, Ancient Martial Art of Kusanagi+Yagami+ Pure Instinct of Chinese Kempo


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