Emily is former teacher at Florence Bertell she lives as a business women, but later in cryogenetic sleep and became a Assissian.
Emily (ZF) a

Full name Emily Blossom Fox
Birthdate ?
Birthplace USA
Height-Weight ?
Race Human
Blood type AB
Family/Relatives Dark Emily(Counter Part),Kenji(Son), Chad (Husband) Sue(Daughter), Future Kenji(Alternate Timeline Son), Davon & Akeen (Close Friends), Amily (Sister)
Job/Occupation Mothering, Assissian, Helping Davon protect Earth
Likes Fighting (None else after recovering her memory)
Dislikes Pathetic Fighters
Hobbies Cooking, Shopping, and Sparring
Favorite food White Rice and Rice Wine
Fighting style

Antsatsuken, Koppo (Bone Martial Arts) and Aikido Assassination Arts


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