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Evan and his alternate costume/form (Fighter,Ninja,Shimigami,and Kaizoku,

Evan is a half-breed of a Saiyan and Reaper he was train in the art of Ninjutsu and Various Martial Arts with his own Style of Fighting, his Japanese name is Jojishi mean epic(叙事詩)

(Uzu no daishi Eron kuru)


Evan is very energetic, loves to fight and train, travel across the world he very kindhearted, cool relax person, when in battle he's serious, when fighting in a friendly battle haves fun, he spends most of his playing football, basket ball or training in Martial Arts, He's a epic because and makes everything Epic, plus he's like to be Protagonist



Full name Evan Climax Purvey
Birthdate April 4 (Sometime after the Legendary 10 Year War)
Birthplace Rukon District (Zega World) and Earth(Currently)
Height ?
Weight ?
Blood type Blood Type Changes everyday

Douglas(Friend/Ally), Akeen(Ally), Davon(Close Friend/Ally), Marcelus(Rival), Eron(Brother/Zanpakuto)

Likes Silver Headband
Dislikes Needles and Unable to Protect others
Hobbies Video Games, Anime, Traveling, Training
Favorite food ???
Forte in sports N/A (he can play all sports) Mostly Football & Basket Ball
Fighting style

NInjutsu, Ninjutsu and Various Martial Arts + His own Style of Fighting

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