Grandpa is Davon and Ronnie grandfather who raise Ronnie and Davon, and taught them the Ansatsuken Style and Turtle + Crane Style Karate. His Debut was in Dragon Ball Karate he's appeared in some games and series normal flashbacks, His Reincarnation is Douglas or Douglas(Zega)


Grandpa Warren/Ash

Full name Grandpa Warren Ash Middleton
Birthdate ?
Birthplace Planet PJ and Earth
Height-Weight ?
Race Saiyan
Blood type All
Family/Relatives Kira(Carnation Daughter), Douglas(His Recarnation), Davon (Grandson), Ronnie (Grandson), Lolita (Daughter), Pearleen (Former Wife)
Likes ?
Dislikes ?
Hobbies Drinking
Favorite food Beer and Saki
Fighting style

Mastered Ansatsuken and Turtle + Crane Style Karate and Kung Fu

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High Road Fighters (Ghost Character- NonPlayable)Edit

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