Hackett is Louis's clone and is the 4th strongest Clone.

Full name Hackett Louis
Birthdate Same as Louis
Birthplace USA
Height-Weight Same as Louis
Race Saiyan,Mirrior Shadow Image(Formely), Andriod(Formerly)
Blood type All Blood Types
Family/Relatives Louis-1 (Counter Part),Louis-2(Counter Part), Louis (Clone From)
Job/Occupation Kill Louis(Formerly), Kill Louis-1 and Louis-2 to be at full power, Fighting(Recently)
Likes Fightging, Jumping like Ninja, and Eating
Dislikes People Who uses Weapons
Hobbies Fighting and Eating Roman Noodles and White Rice
Favorite food Noodles
Fighting style

Kusanagi Style of Ancient Martail Arts, Hidden Hackett Style Karate, Turtle+Crane Style Karate of the Ansatsuken


Florence Bertell: Junior YearEdit

Florence Bertell: Senior YearEdit

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