Katia during Zega Fighters series he style has changes but she still has some of here old fighting styles.
Katia (ZF) A

Katia in Zega Fighters 2

Full name Katia.B
Birthdate ?
Birthplace USSR(Russia)
Height-Weight ?
Race Human with Pyshco Power
Blood type -A0
Family/Relatives Reddz(Husband), Nicole(Freind-Rival), Davon & Akeen(Friends), Dylan (Pyshco Power counter part) Bluuw (Son)
Job/Occupation Working in Delta Blue and graphic Arts
Likes Art
Dislikes Bullcrap
Hobbies Art
Favorite food Fish
Fighting style

Assassination Techniques, Special Forces Training (Delta Red), Mai Thuyai


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Super Zega Fighters Edit

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