Dan Hibiki (SGFM)
I'm the most quietest person of people but when i'm talkative and comic relief person, but when I'm quiet i'm more stronger than any human even though i'm am a human my self

Full Name

Keenan Luigi Sprattley

Birth Of Date



Earth (USA)


Human (Psycho Being)


Dylan (Best Friend-Half-Father),Davon (Close Friend), Akeen (Friend/Ally), Antwan (Friend/Ally), Chad (Friend/Teacher), Thumma, (Friend/Teacher), Emily (Friend/Teacher), Katia (Friend/Middle School Teacher), Reddz (Friend/Middle School), Will (Friend/Rival/Teacher), Evil Keenan (Alt-Ego Evil Self), Keenan (Zega) (Older-Self) Scott (Old Friend)



Super Mario Bros.


Personal Treasure

Picture Of His Friends



Forte Food


Fighting Style

Nameless assassination style powered by the Surge of Murderous Intent + Martial Art rooted in assassination arts (暗殺拳をルーツとした格闘術, ansatsuken o rūtsu toshita kakutō jutsu?) + Saikyō-Ryū + own fighting style + Assassination Techniques,Pyshco Powers

Keenan the first human to a hero the Florence Bertell seris he's has pyshco power too.

Story Keenan is a Human with Pyshco Power, unlike Dylan, Keenan doesn't rely on his physhco powers alot, he uses his Ki, and Chi energy. Keenan is a quiet person, he has spirited side but shown around Davon & Keenan including Will, Keenan was taught Saikyo style by Davon, but Keenan learn the rest on his own, Keenan does goof out, sometime like Hyper Taunt, Keenan to defeated some powerful enemy his strength is equals to Antwan and tries to keep up, during Element Dragon Saga, Keenan the power of Dragon Earth plus boosting his Pyshco Power equal to Dylan, during the Tournament he lost to Emily, he defeated Antwan. Keenan open up to people and good friends with Dylan.

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