Louis Hackett (Lewis)
Louis CS
I might be with the army and all but I don't do that Justice crap you dig, but Protecting the Earth is some serious work.

Full Name

Louis Crossfire Hackett

Louis is a half-saiyan & half human , goes to the same school, as Davon in Florence Bertell, sometimes during or after training Akeen, Louis was train by Davon,. He's secret character in Florence Bertell along with his dark side, and playable in Florence Bertell Fighters 2, he is rival of Donnie, Louis is also part of the Hackett Clan and it's part of the Yagami Clan and 10 % Orochi/Mizuchi in his blood, due the Saiyan gaining contact with Mizuchi & Yagami Clan and able to control Purple Flames, Louis is the Is the head of the Rebel Navy and Air Force, 5th Command of the Rebel.Louis count as the 3rd or 4th Hero mainly 4th even through he was before Donnie.

Full name Louis Nash Hackett
Birthdate Same as Hackett
Birthplace USA
Height-Weight Same as Hackett
Race Saiyan-Human
Blood type All Blood Types
Family/Relatives Louis-1 (Clone),Louis-2(Clone), Hackett (Clone)
Job/Occupation Head Chief of the Rebel Navy and Air Force
Likes Fighting, Being Shirtless, Protect the Smile of people Rapping
Dislikes Cowards
Hobbies Fighting and Drinking
Favorite food Friut Punch
Fighting style

Kusanagi Style of Ancient Martail Arts, Hidden Hackett Style Karate, Turtle+Crane Style Karate of the Ansatsuken


Louis is a Half Saiyan with human blood

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