Nomiki is human with of the power hadou & uses Kido.

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Nomiki as she her reappearance in Florence Bertell EX

He debut was in Florence Berell: Broken Destiny.

Full name Nomiki(Tina)
Birthdate ?
Birthplace USA
Height-Weight ?
Race Human(An offspring of a Soul Reaper)
Blood type All
Family/Relatives Keke(Daughter) Lizzy(Daughter), Eric(Ally/Friend), Brien(Friend), Shawn(Friend/Pupil),Terrell(Friend-Pupil)
Job/Occupation Saving the world, One on One
Likes Being Nice
Dislikes Evil
Hobbies ?
Fighting style

Her Own Style of Mix the Orginally Style Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts + personal style of Chinese boxing (Kenpo),Ansatsuken, Yagami style of ancient martial arts +Pure Instinct, Thrustatsuken, Karate, Kido


Nomiki is kindhearty sweet girl, when nice not fighting or angry. Nomiki is a Full Flesh Human but little she knows she has a offspring DNA of Soul Reaper

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Florence Bertell: Broken DestinyEdit

Florence Bertell EXEdit

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