Oni(Game Concept)

Oni is a powerful character who strength is beyond Davon, Akeen, and Antwan, is a Boss Characters and Player Characters the Player Version is equal to characters 1st Transform Form, Oni is the 2nd Generation of Orginal Dark Hadou know as Oni Hadou create by his Father Ikuy.He power surpass Shin Antwan Lv 2.

Full name Oni
Birthdate ?
Birthplace ?(Possibly Japan)
Height-Weight ?
Race Human with Pyshco Power
Blood type -A0
Family/Relatives Yuki(Sister), Ikuy(Father), Ino(Mother)
Job/Occupation Fighting For Power and to the Death
Likes Fighting
Dislikes Weaklings
Hobbies Fighting
Favorite food Power and Bread
Fighting style

Unnamed Ansatsuken Art (Satsui no Hadou maximized)

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